Pathfinder Nexus Frequently Asked Questions

I was trying to SIGN in the YELLOW Buttons. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

RED works great

Thanks for the assist. :facepunch:

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If you see your profile avatar in the top right corner, you are logged in and don’t need to click those yellow buttons. :slight_smile:

I am an end user who constantly surprises with my unpredictable actions. :rofl:

Thanks again for setting me straight!

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Looks like the developers addressed the issue by changing “Sign In” to “Books & Bundles”

Works Great - Thanks!

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Yes, we made a slight tweak here to hopefully cause a little less confusion. :slight_smile:

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Your tweaks always have outstanding results. Thanks to you and everyone on the Demiplane Team!

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Now that we are in Beta with what looks like all available content, can you tell me if there are plans to be able to print out characters created here or will this strictly be digital?

Yes, exporting to PDF is on our short-term roadmap, which will then allow you to print out your character sheet.

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How does the content sharing work? In the scenario, I own the gamemastery guide, John owns the secrets of magic sourcebook. I have the subscription to demiplane and content share with several people, one of whom, being John.

  1. Everyone has access to the gamemastery guide, because I own it and share it
  2. Everyone has access to the gamemastery guide, I also now have access to the secrets of magic book
  3. Everyone has access to both the gamemastery guide and secrets of magic book


That is great news

In the above scenario, everyone you share with will have access to the Gamemastery Guide. If John doesn’t have a Membership, he can’t share Secrets of Magic with anyone, including you.

I hope this helps, but let me know if I can clarify things further. :slight_smile:

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hello! i actually need to ask about an issue i contacted support about, for some reason content sharing dropped from 27 to 7 for me, and i’m not sure why?

(this is an older one, it seems that it erased my previous shares with folks and now i’m limited to 7, that and a promo code given to me is no longer working.)

Hi there, I’ve been assisting you through our support channels. You have a message waiting for you there.

I’ll share here some of what I just sent you in that message:

When your Membership previously ended, content sharing stopped and will not resume until you complete the transaction for your new Membership. Additionally, since your Membership went inactive, you will need to re-share with the accounts that you were previously sharing with.

There is a visual bug where the number of shares doesn’t display as 0 when a Membership goes inactive that we are aware of, which is part of what you’re experiencing here. If, once you purchase your Membership again, you are still seeing some odd numbers there, feel free to reach out and we can fix that. Since it’s a visual bug, it doesn’t impact your ability to share with others, and it’s an easy fix for us to reset those numbers for now, until we get a permanent solution rolled out for that bug. :slight_smile:

With respect to pre-orders and Paizo subscriptions: I have a Pathfinder rulebook subscription, but I clearly have to refresh my connection manually after my subscription has been fulfilled to see the reduced price in Pathfinder Nexus. If I buy the rulebook bundle, which includes Rage of Elements, Player Core, GM Core, Monster Core, and Player Core 2 (all books I intend to receive through that subscription when they are released), will I receive a discount, credit, or refund for pre-ordering them at full price after I have refreshed my connection?

There is not a retroactive Paizo Connect discount, however if that’s the only thing keeping you from purchasing the bundle, go ahead and submit a support ticket and we’ll see what we can do. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response! If it was one book, I wouldn’t feel so reticent, but 5 is a bit of a stretch on the wallet.

I made a wizard with the “Ancient Elf” ancestry feat, which allows a level one character to multiclass if they meet the requirements, I multiclassed as a wizard/fighter, but when I open the character sheet itself, the proficiencies for martial and simple weapons don’t get applied, even though the fighter dedication feat allows for such.
Is this a mistake with the system, or was there something that I failed to understand.
Also I don’t know how to get to the support channels or that there even was one so I would appreciate a response to this thread.

Please Advise

Thanks for letting us know! We are still in the process of making sure every feat is working as expected, so this is likely one that we simply haven’t gotten to yet. I’ll make a note for us to look into this when our team gets back from GenCon.

For future reference the forum specifically for Pathfinder Character Tools feedback is here: Pathfinder Character Tools - Demiplane Forums

Hi, I got the Avatar Legends Kickstarter and it sent me to Role for the digital benefits. I was recently talking to someone and they said that Demiplane is better. I was wondering if there is a way to move the stuff I have on Role to here so I don’t have to re-buy stuff I already have. I’m guessing it’s not possible, but I just wanted to check.

If you purchased the Avatar Legends RPG Core Rulebook and / or Wan Shi Tong’s Adventure Guide as part of the Kickstarter, you would have received product key codes for all of that content here on Demiplane’s Avatar Legends NEXUS - those product keys should be in your email somewhere, but they have expired at this point.

If you can find the codes, feel free to contact our Support team and we can see what we can do.