Pathfinder Player Core & GM Core - Support Thread

The remaster has arrived! Player Core and GM Core are now both available on Pathfinder NEXUS.


Important Notes

  • The Remaster content is not available in the character tools at this time. We’re currently working on a large update of the tools that will address a number of concerns, which we intend to have in your hands by the end of the year. When that full version of the tools is released, the Remaster content will be built-in and ready to play with!

  • Sometimes when a book is released, the Paizo Connect syncing doesn’t reflect that when you go to get your PDF from Paizo. You can refrsh it by going to Account Settings >> Sync Accounts >> Paizo Connect >> Refresh Account and give that a shot. If that doesn’t work, feel free to send us a support ticket and we can help get it resolved!

  • Legacy content, which means content that has an updated version in Player or GM Core, is hidden by default in the rules listings on the site. You can, however, show them easily! On the primer pages (Ancestries, Heritages, Classes, and Archetypes) you can simply toggle the legacy button on the top left. On the other rule listing pages, you can enter the filters and adjust your legacy settings.

  • Paizo included Day One errata for both of these books, which has already been included in the Demiplane version. In addition, they included updates to content not found in these books, which has been created in our system for your reference. For example, the Champion class (despite not being in Player Core) has a remaster version available which includes these changes. You can see Paizo’s full errata on their website.

Please let us know if you run into any issues or spot something that needs our attention. Now it’s time to dig in to the remaster!


For those of us who got Player Core and GM Core through the remaster program, can you confirm whether we should expect a copy of the PDF through Paizo Connect? The following statement from Paizo suggests we will not be receiving one:

Demiplane is also offering a similar deal. Players who already own the Pathfinder Core Rulebook can upgrade to Pathfinder Player Core & Pathfinder GM Core for free—this does not connect with Paizo’s site and will not grant free PDFs via our webstore.

I just responded to you in another thread, but I’ll post it here for clarity too:

Mellie shared a link for submitting support tickets. If you have an issue with the sync, please submit a ticket and we’ll make sure you get your PDF. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, sorry about the double post. I missed this thread when looking for the best place to ask the question. I figured the pinned thread would be the best place for other people who might have the same question to see it.

Happy to answer it in either place. :slight_smile:

I can confirm that after synching my account a second time the PDFs have appeared in my Paizo account, so it does work despite the worrying text in Paizo’s blog post. :smiley:

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If you buy a Pathfinder book from us, it should sync with Paizo Connect. Period. Any time that doesn’t work as expected, our support team will get it sorted out!

Now is the tine for you guys to be posting in the socials.

“New content is available now on demiplane and includes the errata already.”

Sounds like you are the first to get full errata content out the door. Sell it!


Is it still possible to get the free upgrades through the Remaster Program?
To clarify, if I buy the Core Rulebook and Gamemastery Guide right now, will adding the Player Core and GM Core to my cart at the same time still apply the 100% discount for them?

I’ve checked my Demiplane account like 8 times today looking for the Player Core and GM core in my library, but they’re not there. I bought the Core Rulebook and the GMG back in January or February. I also haven’t seen an email with a code, and have checked several times today. Is there something else I need to be doing to get the remasters?

Sorry for asking the question, I’m sure it’s been asked a dozen times or more, but I haven’t been able to find it. =(

Yes. The Remaster Program has no end date, so you can make that purchase right now and take advantage of it by adding both version to your cart like you said! :slight_smile:

If you didn’t receive an email with your codes (they were sent out in July), you can submit a support ticket and we will provide them to you there.

Fantasy grounds had the errata up day and date too, but it’s not exactly the ideal reading platform lol

I did this yesterday for GM Core and it worked. You have to look at the DISCOUNT line at the bottom of the cart, it doesn’t show GM Core as 0$ in the cart, but applies the -34.99 (or whatever it is) in the discounts line.

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I’m not sure if this has already been flagged, but FYI, the View Details pages for the spells from Player Core are missing the action/reaction symbols (though they do appear in the search results summary screens).

Thanks for reporting this! We are aware of the issue and working on a fix. Paizo updated some of their formatting with the Remaster, which means we also have to update it on our end. :slight_smile:


I have bought only the Pathfinder 2e Players Core thinking that’s all I needed, but when I tried to build a wizard it only shows the data for the Legacy Wizard not the new one. Is there a setting I am missing? Can you help me? I am only interested in the Remaster class versions not the Legacy versions,

The Character builder has not yet been updated to the Remaster - hence why you’re only seeing Legacy options.

I think it’s due in the next week or so, when the character tools leave Beta.

Thank you very much for the quick response!