PF1E Support

I have over 550 PF1E products on, I don’t need PF2E assets. I won’t need PF2E assets for another decade or two. What I could use, right NOW, is some PF1E support.

Thanks for the quick response.

The only thing I’ve seen regarding PF1E is in the Pathfinder Nexus FAQ.

Pathfinder Nexus FAQ

Blockquote Does Pathfinder Nexus work for both Pathfinder 1e and Pathfinder 2e?
At this time, Pathfinder Nexus supports Pathfinder Second Edition.

I wouldn’t be expecting first edition Pathfinder support any time soon. So far every system that Demiplane has added to their roster is a system that is currently in active development. Pathfinder first edition is not. It might happen at some point, but not until the currently active systems are all firmly in place.
Frankly, given the sheer volume of first edition content, I doubt that it will happen at all. I’m not sure it would be worth it financially. Even people who own literally everything on right now would still be looking at a massive investment to get the Demiplane content, and there are already people who are very upset at having to do this for the smaller Second Edition library. Unless a very large number of demiplane users get in the comments and state that this is something they want, it probably won’t happen.

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