PF2 Spellbook for a Magus/Wizard

In the beta builder, both class could share the same spellbook.
Why isn’t it the same with the Refactered builder.

I’m afraid I’m not quite certain what you’re asking. Could you clarify what you mean so I can better answer your question?

As stated in the spellbook section of the Magus class, highlighted in the text image below. We shouldn’t have two seperate spellbooks for a Magus that has the Wizard dedication or vice versa. Or any other class that uses a spellbook.

Thank you for that clarification - I’ve passed this along to our team. :slight_smile:

This would be great to get updated. I’m not super familiar with the exact wording of the rules for all casting classes, but at least for Arcane it seems like a characters spellbook should be tied to the Tradition and all classes that prepare spells from the Arcane Tradition should use the same spellbook. Instead of having one for each class. Right now I basically need to duplicate all my Magus spells into my Wizard spellbook and vise versa so that I can memorize whatever spell I want in whatever slot I have avalible.

That makes sense. We’re currently exploring how to do this without causing issues on existing characters with multiple spellcasting classes. :slight_smile:

Thanks @joshuamsimons ! Hoping you guys can sort this out soon.

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Any news about this features. Thank you.

Not at this time! Our team is continuing to work on complete PF2e support. We just released Alchemy support last week, and are working hard on more features.