Spellbooks for Multiclass Arcane Casters

There’s an original post about this here PF2 Spellbook for a Magus/Wizard but I noticed it was in the General Forum and I think this forum is probably more appropriate for raising this issue.

To summarize, currently if you are an arcane prepared spellcaster and you take a dedication for another arcane prepared spellcaster you end up with 2 separate spellbooks. However, you should have one shared spellbook for all your arcane spells:

“If you have a spellbook from multiple sources (such as being a magus with the Wizard Dedication feat), you can use the same spellbook for all your spells.”

Right now I have a Magus with the Wizard Dedication and I have to dupe all my Magus spells into my Wizard spellbook and vise versa if I want to be able to prepare any of my arcane spells in any of my spell slots.

Thanks for mentioning the issue here as well. We’re exploring how best to solve this without causing issues for existing characters. :slight_smile: