Playtest - Animist & Exemplar Classes - Support Megathread

The war of immortals is coming… And Paizo has requested your help in preparing for it! Two playtest classes, the Animist and Exemplar, are in open playtest until October 2. You can create characters with these classes using the Pathfinder NEXUS character tools right now!

If you encounter any issues or bugs making or using these characters, please let us know right here.


All of the information you need to play these characters will be at your fingertips. Bespoke support for some of the unique features (like the Animist’s spirits, which have some similarities to Summoner eidolons) are not currently supported in their final form.

Apparition spells aren’t being displayed as signature spells

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Thanks for the report, I’m passing it up to get that looked at!

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The Animist Apparition “Stalker in Darkened Boughs” sometimes is not providing Apparition spells on the spell page (the other Apparitions I’ve looked at all seem to). At 13th level an Apparitionist should have 4 Apparitions, only 3 of which sometimes appear on the Spell page.

Just two examples real quick: In 5th Rank spells the Apparition spell Moon Frenzy does not appear. In 7th Rank spells Unfettered Pack does not appear. At these spell ranks only the other 3 Apparition spells are shown.

I have passed this along to the team to look into. :slight_smile:

If you remove and then re-select your Apparition, it should correct itself on the character sheet, but if that doesn’t fix it, could you please share your character sheet so we can take a look as to why it’s not working on your end?

The Animist Feat Embodiment of the Balance doesn’t add Heal and Harm to the Apparition repertoire

it might be nice to make it clearer that there’s a “confirm” button when selecting ones apparitions to attune to … that confirm is pretty tiny

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

In the Exemplar’s character sheet, when it Shift Immanence to Worn Ikon with the Thousand-League Sandals, the +10 status bonus to speed is not being applied to the Speed section/box.

Thanks for letting us know! We’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

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