Update Notes 9/8/2023

Hello everyone!

Catching up on some collected update notes today - see the list below.

Friday, Sept 1, 2023

Pathfinder 2e

  • The Animist and Exemplar Playtest Classes are now available in the Pathfinder 2e Character Tools.

  • The war of immortals is coming… And Paizo has requested your help in preparing for it! These two playtest classes are in open playtest until October 2. You can create characters with these classes using the Pathfinder NEXUS character tools right now!

  • If you encounter any issues or bugs making or using these characters, please let us know in the forums.

  • All of the information you need to play these characters will be at your fingertips. Bespoke support for some of the unique features (like the Animist’s spirits, which have some similarities to Summoner eidolons) are not currently supported in their final form.

Friday, Sept 8, 2023

Pathfinder 2e

Character Builder Updates

  • Resolved an issue where the Lorekeeper Shisk Heritage was not granting a custom Lore skill.
  • The Ardande Heritage now grants the correct Geniekin feats.
  • The Syncretism feat now prompts you for a Domain to select after choosing a deity.

Character Sheet Updates

  • Character sheets now prioritize displaying darkvision over low-light vision under Perception if the character has both.
  • Resolved an issue in which Signature Spells could have incorrect heightened spell damage.
  • The Monk Tiger Stance now deals correct damage, and makes your foes bleed!
  • Fixed Lizardfolk Claw attacks not respecting Unarmed Proficiency.
  • Resolved an issue in which the Additional Lore feat was granting 4 custom Lore Skills instead of only one that increases in training as you level up.


  • Nice and early for Halloween, the Haunted Background now lets you pick a secondary Skill to train. Watch out for ghosts!
  • Characters with the Historical Reenactor Background will be happy to know they are now able to choose Performance or Society as their additional Skill training.


We’ve got several things “in the hopper” - more to come in the next few weeks!