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With the wonderful character creation system available to us I think it would be cool for people to post their characters with a little backstory to hopefully inspire others and possibly give some handy premade options

Here is my example Heoric

*edit oops had to change the character art as I realised I had used an image i didn’t own. It was a massive warforged suit of armor with a long chain morning star and a shield. I flavored the sceptre as the morning star due to the versatile ability letting it strike at range.

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I think this is a very cool idea, also loved that your Experience @jenasrhodry is “The Last Boss” and “A Whole New World”. What was your inspiration for “The Last Boss”?

Link to Sheet

Lukas Sciath - Underborne Firbold Seraph (Winged Sentinel)

Yes he’s a flying cow and I laughed as I did it. Just used the basic art for him at this point. I think my favorite aspect of Daggerheart’s character creation are the questions it asks you to help prompt your thinking. I do this with other players in other systems to help flesh things out, but it really starts the creativity flowing quickly.

Also the “Experiences” is so open that the possibilities are amazing. I made mine “Town Militia” to keep a bit of common flavor and then “Big Brother” which I figured would go along with dealing with families or being intimidating when protecting another player, something like that.

He is a Seraph of a God that he has named “Father” (I know not the most creative) but I was thinking of creating an overprotective big brother who suddenly was imbued with divine powers and wings when pleading to the gods for help.

The concept of Heoric is he was constructed to guard the transformation of a lich in a dungeon. He was literally the final guardian. He has no idea what the transformation truly was or why it failed but he assumes he failed in his duty somehow. The next part of his story I was leaving open for connections but the basic gist of it was the explosion knocked him offline and he was collected by some adventurers as loot along with the crystal in his background questions.

Your character link doesn’t seem to be working atm there is a setting when you make the link to allow anyone with the link to access it. If you have trouble let me know and I’ll add a basic explanation how.

Thanks for the heads up, I found out how to do it.

I love that concept for a character as well, it gives so much for the DM to work with and sprinkle in details.

I think I made a monk.


Arcane Gauntlets for MA punching.

I also recreated my D&D character.
He is a gambler re-flavor darts as playing cards. Daggerheart does not have darts, so I used Daggers.


Rather liking Lukas the physical addition of the wings and the concept of a deity that you only know of as Father leaves a great many doors open. I would have been strongly tempted to use herd instead of family mostly because i feel I could leverage herd into a few more areas. :wink:
Still having family as your main MOOtivation (sorry had too) makes it interesting from a story point of view as you family starts to expand through the story.

Monk seems like a strong building block for a martial artist although I would suggest using one of the experiences for a more general purpose personally (also one of them should be a +2 unless I am missing something :smiley: )

I really like Gambler there is a lot of potential in the concept. My only suggestion is short swords instead of daggers as the function off of agility instead of finesse.

The title of your first experience got cut off. what does it say?

I did not know you can do that with a playing card.

Throwing it a far distance (not far as game range but far as in throwing a card a bit away from character.
Emptying a deck of cards in someone’s face to blind them.
Folding it into a tool to pick a lock.

That sort of thing.

How did I not think of “herd” I’ll have to adjust that in the future.

I Moost thank you…

I’ll see myself out :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thought I’d add one more so I present Tebryn Kale An old dwarven hunter with a near obsession hunting down his wereboar brother tempered by his desire to help others.

I chose to level him up to level 4 to show his age and also to test the leveling system.

A recreation of one of my D&D characters, kinda, just level 1 for now.


Sadly I cannot access the character sheet. the place you get the link from also contains a choice of who can see it.

Never played a TTRPG but had a blast putting together a level 2 firbolg ranger.

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It isn’t easy being green…First level Goblin Rogue - have to find some better pictures for big-eyed, big eared goblins!


You had me with the experience (That’s bear poo) It evokes a lot of character to me.


I could contemplate what the Emerald Carnival is for hours. :smiley:

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Craigg He was created to be a friend and guardian for a Druid child. However, his creator used the magic a little too creatively, so now Craigg has potential to grow beyond what typical elemental constructs normally can.

not sure if you can use a magic weapon if you are not a spell caster

If that is in regards to my build oops you are right I probably should have doublechecked the actual rules. :smiley: Thanks for letting me know.

Edit: (looking for solutions)
To Fix this problem is an interesting exercise and surprising easy. If I change his class to Seraph (divine wielder) I can then either still use the sceptre or using the divine wielders spirit weapon I can use a strength based melee weapon in place of it. Fortunately my other choices can remain the same as I still have access to the domain I previously choose.

Alternately if I wanted to stay a Vanguard I would probably use a normal 1 handed str weapon and let the forceful push ability substitute for the effect I wanted.

A third option could be make him as a warrior and use the ability to ignore weapon burden to use a halberd and shield.

A fourth option would be to do a hybrid ancestry between giant and clank to get the giant’s reach ability in place of the clanks +1 to an experience.

This is what I love about the system. While my original concept didn’t work due to my lack of rules knowledge, with a little work I can still do the character. :smiley:

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