Slow loading

Hey, so I noticed that demiplane feels insanely slow for me on all devices. Could it be because I live in the Netherlands?

The strength of your internet connection is a factor, but there shouldn’t be any issues related to where you are located geographically.

Which NEXUS are you using when you experience slow loading times?


So I have glass fiber internet and it does this everywhere in Holland and also on my phone (4g or wifi).

It’s with the pathfinder nexus


I love Demiplane. I own all the pf2e content. But the character tool is abysmally slow, and the pf2e content library isn’t that zippy compared to other sites. It isn’t your network connection. They’re working on it, and I’ve heard it will be much more usable soon.

Yes, we are actively working on our Pathfinder character tools refactor, which will include significant performance improvements.

The Pathfinder character tools are still in beta, which was also our first attempt to build a set of character tools on our platform. Our other, more recently released character tools are much quicker, and we’ll be taking the lessons learned from building them to benefit the Pathfinder character tools as we work on the refactor. If you haven’t checked out our other character tools yet, you should go click through one (Marvel Multiverse character tools released today, if you want a recommendation) to see what the finished Pathfinder character tools will be like. :slight_smile: