Vampire Nexus - Support Mega-Thread

Post any issues you discover as you explore Vampire Nexus in this thread. Specifically anything with the Core Rulebook, the Camarilla Sourcebook, the Anarch Sourcebook, or the VtM Companion.

Thanks for helping us test and fine-tune during Early Access!

When looking at the Nosferatu clan, It has one of their discipline breakdowns at the bottom of the page as Protean. It should be Potence. The Tremere are missing Blood Sorcery on their page.

Those are fixed now - thanks!

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I already own a physical copy of the V5 core rulebook, would I have to buy it again to unlock the features of the Nexus, or is there some way of verifying my previous purchase?

The Vampire: the Masquerade NEXUS is a separate product, though we do offer bundle pricing in partnership with Renegade for purchases of both the digital NEXUS and physical book.

In addition, Renegade has sent out a 30% off discount code ( VITAE2022) to their mailing list on Friday. This gives anyone that bought those books previously the same discount that fans just coming to the game can secure with the hardcover + digital bundle we provide.

Thank you.

Just noticed the Banu Haqim are missing Blood Sorcery on their discipline list too.

Should be resolved now. Thanks for catching that. :slight_smile:

Banu hakim seem to still be missing blood sorcery in their powers list at the bottom of the page. Only Celerity and Obfuscate appear.

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Great catch! Should be fixed now. :slight_smile:

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Some of the Discipline pages, such as Presence, have semicolons framing links to other powers/traits. Example:

Presence power effects do not stack, so someone using ;Awe ;and ;Entrancement ;on the same subject would only add their Presence rating once for any Social-based Persuasion rolls.