VTT Suggestions?

I really like how Daggerheart seems play on paper, but most of the people I play my DnD group session with is on Foundry VTT. Is there some VTT in the future that Daggerheart is looking at using for those players that play afar?

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Hello crimsonblades01, welcome to Demiplane!

Our toolset is intended to be an accessory that enhances play no matter how you choose to use it. We do not currently have plans to create our own in-house VTT. Instead, we plan to develop APIs and work with established VTTs to connect our systems in the future. As those things begin to take more certain shape and come closer to availability, we’ll share more details about how that will all work!

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So if we’re running Daggerheart through Demiplane Nexus, we’d also need to run a separate VTT for the maps/terrains? That’s… inconvenient and disappointing.

A large part of my excitement for Daggerheart was its partnership with an online platform from the get-go. I was hoping/expecting everything to be in a single package(?) that I could use to get some online board game friends into TTRPGs. For the board games, we just pull up the game on Steam and use a Discord voice call. This is starting to sound more complicated than I can talk them into…

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Hey TheMilton,

Well as MellieDM stated they plan to work with established VTT’s in the future, plus Daggerheart is in open-beta at the moment and that package includes a pretty solid character creator (in my opinion) which makes it easy on new players. Things take time. Even DnDBeyond took a few years before they started using their own integrated map system (which itself is only in Alpha).

If it’s something you want Darrington Press to consider I’d leave them specific DM/Player Feedback. While it might be inconvenient for online play (which as an online DM I sympathize with the need to use mapping systems), it’s the stage of play we are at and will take some time and as they stated they have plans in the future!

I’m sure you can be persuasive and talk your friends into giving it a shot (maybe consider Session 1 a very theater of the mind if doing online play) or as I have done in the past, use a map and be the one to move all the pieces. It might be an extra load for you as the DM, but in my experience that little extra work in the first few sessions eventually leads to players starting to take the reigns in mechanics (D20, DnDbeyond, etc.)

I hope your session goes well!

I’d like to cast a vote for Alchemy as one of the VTTs for Demiplane to work with. :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess crimsonblades01 was asking for suggestions beyond Demiplane, to run a playtest online.

Like: does anyone have the maps readied on Foundry; or does anyone can give hints about how to adjust quickly the maps, etc.

I certainly would love these suggestions, because I will run the game on a vtt. Char sheets here on demiplane, cause they are awesome, but the game itself on a vtt.

Kind regards!

Wonder how it will affect the VTT integrations that Demiplane has been bough up by Roll20.