What is the advantage for those of us already using Fantasy Grounds Unity to also buy into NEXUS

I am remaining positive and am anxiously waiting to see if NEXUS is worth the extra cost.
At the moment I like my Fantasy Grounds + SKYPE setup to run games remotely. I am anxious to see how NEXUS will improve on that formula. From what I can see NEXUS is not claiming to be a virtual table top. So in my situation, NEXUS aims to replace SKYPE/ZOOM component of my online delivery. If that is the case, then I am not yet willing to pay additional cash. I have heard that it is the additional management of the game material/rulebooks and character management where NEXUS will excel at. But then again, any changes done on a NEXUS character sheet will then have to be re-implemented/changed in Fantasy Grounds. So this all looks like more work …not less. The sad thing is the I believe NEXUS is coming too late into the game and on top of it they are hardly coming in cheap. I would have hoped that they would have started cheap so that they can gain some market share…but that does not seem to be their strategy. Yet, we must remain positive and it is still early days for NEXUS and we will have to wait and see what exactly is NEXUS going to deliver because right now its only a game rules management system with video conferencing ability; hardly a winning recipe.
A winning recipe would have been an integration of ROLL20 with NEXUS as a package and integration of FANTASY GROUNDS with NEXUS as a package. For example, making changes addons to a character in NEXUS would be reflected in your virtual table top sheets (ROLL20 or FG) and vice versa. But like I said, NEXUS is coming in too late to the game and at a very high price point. I feel sorry for the marketing department , since they are going to have to pull rabbits from a hat to get enough paying members for a product that is very limiting. The irony is that NEXUS is aimed at players that see the value of digital products, yet it fails to incorporate ROLL20 and Fantasy Grounds. Therefore it leave the player confused as to how best to navigate and determine whether NEXUS is a viable addon to the player experience. To conclude, I will reserve my judgement since NEXUS is already late to the game…what difference will waiting another year make. Once the year goes by and NEXUS proves to be a huge success, I will be more than happy to take back my concerns and cough up tons and tons of cash to be part of the NEXUS family…in anticipation with a little sprinkle of sarcasm and realism…sigh.

So there’s a lot to unpack there. I think the biggest thing to consider is that Nexus and Demiplane are 2 different things. Demiplane is a meeting place to run a game theater of the mind, if that’s your thing. I don’t think using Demiplane costs anything. Demiplane also provides a way to tip your DM and/or for professional DMs to charge for their games.

The 2nd thing to consider is Nexus is not trying to be roll20 nor FG. Nexus provides value for me in that I can have a character manager, pathfinder book reader, and compendium in a format that is compatible with whatever device I am using at the moment. As a lifetime subscriber to FG I couldn’t imagine sitting there and reading the core rule book (or any book) within FG.

It’s up to you to decide if Nexus is providing enough value. Nexus isn’t even released yet. It’s in early access or whatever term they are using.


Thanks for your thoughtful reply H2Os.
You make valid points, and I will take it all into consideration.
Needless, to say that if Nexus can turn my potty visits into productive pathfinder reading sessions on my cell phone then NEXUS is a slamdunk.
Perhaps I have revealed too much :confused: …but yes your point that reading content on FG is not ideal rings very true.


Needless, to say that if Nexus can turn my potty visits into productive pathfinder reading sessions on my cell phone

No judgement here! I hear yah!

I’m sure Adam will be around here soon to drop some more info on what we can expect. I was a big fan of D&D Beyond and I have high hopes for Nexus. The crew at Demiplane are awesome people and are open to suggestions and ideas. I think there’s a wishlist type post somewhere around: Pathfinder Nexus - Feature Request Dream Wall

Also don’t forget to link your paizo account to get a discount for any pdf you already own.